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During a meeting in Germany on Wednesday, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter gave a stark assessment of the state of the war against ISIS, saying it's "far from over."

Carter said that the death of Navy SEAL Charlie Keating IV, who was killed Tuesday in a firefight with militants in Iraq, reinforces the serious threat that ISIS still poses.

Keating was killed in combat, despite U.S. troops supposedly only serving in an "advisory role."

KT McFarland said on "Happening Now" that President Obama is sending American forces into the Middle East merely to buy time, not to win or change the complexion of the fight.

"He's setting them up to fail," McFarland stated. "I think the president wants to buy time ... until the Iraq government collapses."

She asserted that Obama just wants to pass the problem off to the next president.

"To me, that is the most cynical use of American armed forces that a commander-in-chief can do."

McFarland said the next president must combat radical Islam with a comprehensive plan, including military, economic, ideological and social media components.

Get more insight from McFarland in the "Happening Now" clip above.

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