Romanian Hacker Claims He Accessed Hillary's Email Server: 'It Was Easy'

Krauthammer: If a Romanian Hacker Got into Hillary's Emails, So Did Others

Dana Perino said that presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump should go after Hillary Clinton on her unauthorized use of a private email server, following a new Fox News report that it might have been breached by a Romanian hacker.

Earlier on The Kelly File, Catherine Herridge reported on her interview with jailed hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar, who goes by the moniker "Guccifer." He said that he accessed Clinton's server multiple times after compromising confidant Sydney Blumenthal's AOL account.

Perino said that Trump should use this against Clinton, adding that "he needs to know her record better than she does, because she gets confused."

"Her campaign statements are always like a day late and a dollar short, and they're confusing based on other ones they've put out in the past," Perino said. "You can hardly keep up with it. It is easy to poke holes in her argument if you know her record better than she does."

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