Judge Nap to Hillary: 'Laughing at the FBI Is Not a Good Thing to Do'

ANALYSIS: There Is 'Overwhelming' Evidence to Indict and Convict Hillary

The author of "Clinton Cash" explained how Hillary Clinton's presidential hopes could be seriously damaged even without an indictment by the Justice Department over her private emails.

Peter Schweizer joined America's Newsroom this morning, explaining that a criminal referral from the FBI on the matter would likely leak to the media. 

He said that even if the DOJ does not choose to prosecute the former secretary of state, the referral would mean that the FBI believes crimes were committed.

The author said that would be a "very difficult thing for her to overcome" in her presidential campaign. 

Schweizer said, aside from the military, the FBI is the perhaps the only government institution Americans still view with confidence.

The film version of "Clinton Cash" premieres at the Cannes Film Festival on July 24, as the Democratic National Convention gets underway.

Schweizer said the documentary will lay out clearly the "interplay between foreign money and decisions Hillary Clinton made as secretary of state."

Watch the segment above and see the trailer for "Clinton Cash" below. 

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