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A video posted to YouTube appears to show a woman confronting a man at Walmart for paying for his groceries with food stamps.

The video, which has quickly gone viral, shows the woman standing behind the man, who was at the checkout counter with a child.

The two had apparently already exchanged words, in front of children, as the video started.

"I put in 50 to 60-hour weeks," the man said. "I’m trying to provide for my family."

He told her to, "Deal with it, b****," and asked her to mind her own business.

"I don’t have to. It’s a free country, remember?" the woman countered. "If I’m gonna pay for all your s***, the least I can do is talk."

She argued that the government pays for food stamps by taking money out of her paycheck and wondered whether he's a "Hillary or Bernie" supporter.

The man then suggested she contact her congressman, or vote Republican, saying that he doesn't "make the rules" on food stamps.

"Yeah, you just take advantage of them like everybody else," she said.

"Well why wouldn't I? Why wouldn't I?" he said as the video concluded.

Watch the heated confrontation above, and let us know what you think in the comments.

(WARNING: Video contains profanity.)

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