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Witnesses have begun taking the stand in the trial Eddie Herrera, who faces charges in the death of his girlfriend on their prom night two years ago.

Herrera, now 20, had been drinking and taking drugs on May 16, 2014, the night that Jacqueline Gomez died at a Hyatt Hotel in Houston.

He faces a first-degree felony charge of domestic violence, though he has not been directly charged with causing Gomez's death.

Herrera says he strangled Gomez during rough sex in their hotel room, claiming she seemed fine afterwards. He says he fell asleep with Gomez on the bed next to him.

He says that when he woke up, he found her unresponsive. He called his mother, who was staying at the same hotel.

His mother, Melissa Martinez, is also awaiting trial. She is accused of providing the teens with two bottles of Crown Royal and multiple hydrocodone pills.

She is also accused of dressing an unresponsive Gomez after her son called her. Her trial will take place at a later date.

The defense claims the night was just a terrible accident, and Gomez died from an overdose of alcohol and hydrocodone, not strangulation.

If convicted, Herrera could face up to life in prison.

Watch Lis Wiehl and Eric Guster share legal insight on the trial above.

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