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A Texas man was shot dead outside a Walgreens after he confronted a man who allegedly shot his wife.

Police say T.J. Antell was at an Arlington branch of the drugstore when he saw the suspect, Ricci Bradden, shoot his wife in the ankle.

“As she ran back inside the store, Bradden ran to his car,” Fox 4 reported.

“That's when Good Samaritan T.J. Antell, who had just witnessed the shooting, ran to his car and got his gun.”

Antell ordered Bradden to get out of his car – but when he did, he shot and killed Antell.

Friends say Bradden was a 35-year-old Marine veteran and father of three.

“He went into a protective mode,” said Antell’s pastor, Marc Lowrance. “He's a father. He is protective by nature. He thought he could help everyone involved and tragically it went a different way.”

Bradden, reportedly a soldier from Fort Hood, returned to his supervising officers and turned himself in.

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