Battle for Indiana: Here's the Primetime Lineup for the Hoosier Primary

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'Are You Canadian?': Cruz Gets Into It With Indiana Trump Supporters

Update, 6:18 pm ET: Ted Cruz is ahead with Indiana’s late-deciding GOP voters, Martha MacCallum said.

About 47 percent of these voters say they are backing the Texas senator, a boost that pundits say could potentially be credited to Cruz’s recent attacks on Donald Trump.



Meanwhile, as analysts raise questions about the power of the #NeverTrump vote, about 74 percent of Indiana GOP voters say that their votes went to back their candidates, as opposed to trying to keep someone else from winning the nomination.


The most important issue among Indiana’s Republican voters is the economy and jobs, according to Fox News early exit polls.

Polls have yet to close in the Hoosier State, though voters have been pointing out the important characteristics shaping up their election today.

As much as 69 percent of the state’s GOP voters say they are very worried about the economy, and 24 percent expressed concern on the issue, The Five reported.

Only 6 percent responded that they were not too worried.


Eric Bolling said that 65 percent say their preferred candidate should have a "plurality" in this election, as opposed to the majority.

“In other words, the guy with the most delegates, not necessarily, 1,237,” he said.

Stay tuned to Fox News Channel for a complete breakdown on the battle for Indiana! (Check out our primetime lineup, here.)


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