Ted Cruz Drops Out of Presidential Race: 'The Voters Chose Another Path'

Trump, After Becoming Presumptive Nominee: 'We're Going After Hillary'

Bernie Sanders kept the Democratic presidential race alive by pulling off a projected upset victory in Indiana.

“I understand that Secretary Clinton thinks that this campaign is over,” Sanders said. “I’ve got bad news for her.”

Sanders said he expects “more victories in the weeks to come” though he admitted he has an “uphill climb” to the nomination.

According to the Associated Press delegate count, Clinton went into Tuesday’s contest with a commanding lead over Sanders. Clinton has 2,165 delegates compared to Sanders’ 1,357. A Democratic candidate needs 2,383 delegates to shore up the party’s nomination.

So far, Clinton has secured 91 percent of the delegates she needs to win the nomination. That means, even if she loses every single remaining primary, she can still win the nomination.

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