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When pop superstar Prince died a few weeks ago, he left behind an estimated $300 million estate. 

The family of Prince Lord Nelson gathered in court today, with his financial advisers saying they are looking for a will.

Prince's sister Tyka Nelson said there was no will and the process to divvy up the assets is set to play out in a Minnesota court.   

Several people have reportedly also come forward claiming to be children of Prince. 

Judge Napolitano assessed the legal factors at play on "Kennedy," explaining that whatever happens to the money, the government is going to get a huge cut. 

He said that sophisticated estate planning by Prince could have sheltered some assets from the "voracious and rapacious grasp of federal and state tax collectors."

The judge estimated more than half will end up in the hands of the government in the form of taxes after the matter is settled in court.

"This is really a scheme and a gimmick for the government to acquire massive amounts of wealth by doing nothing for the people from whom the wealth is being taken. ... It's a double taxation and you'll barely hear a peep of complaint about it," he said. 

Watch his analysis above.

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