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A California man who was beaten by a mob of demonstrators at a recent Donald Trump rally said he feared for his life. 

Cole Bartiromo, a blogger who supports Trump, told CBS LA (above) that the crowd in Costa Mesa turned on him "suddenly."

He said he was attempting to document the chaos when the crowd went after him and someone punched him. At that point, he said he "panicked" and feared he would not survive the attack.

"[I was] getting scared, thinking 'When are they going to stop? Are they going to kill me?' I mean, these aren’t rational people," he recalled.

Bartiromo needed six stitches to close the wound on his forehead.

A police officer and a police horse were also assaulted during the chaotic scene. In a shocking video posted to YouTube, a driver did donuts with his car right near the crowds and officers.

Police arrested 17 people, many of them teens, for refusing to disperse.

The violence occurred outside Trump's speech in Costa Mesa Thursday. More violent protests ensued on Friday in Burlingame, where attendees reported more attacks by the mobs. 

One man recounted to Fox News:

"I got punched, beat up, eggs thrown at me, I was spit on. My cell phone...took a 200-foot flight. I have it hopefully here on video. ... My hat got taken. I been kicked, beat on my back. Kind of beat up."

Meantime, Trump has repeatedly said that the angry mobs are actually paid agitators. 

Anti-Trump protesters were also seen burning the American flag. 

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