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Rob O'Neill, the man who killed Usama bin Laden, joined Bill Hemmer on "America's Newsroom" today to reflect on the five-year anniversary of the covert operation to kill the terrorist leader.

O'Neill explained that the conspiracy theory that bin Laden actually died of kidney failure years before the raid is obviously false, because bin Laden didn't even have a kidney ailment in the first place.

O’Neill said that bin Laden's much-publicized kidney problems and the dialysis machine he was said to have with him were merely counterintelligence myths propagated by U.S. intelligence officials to weed out sources who were lying.

He explained that it would be nearly impossible to carry a dialysis machine through the hazardous terrain of the Western Himalayas, where bin Laden was reportedly hiding following the 9/11 terror attack.

"How are you going to power it? Where are you flushing your kidneys out?" O'Neill said. "If a source comes in and he wants to get paid, he's going to say, 'Yeah, I found him. It's definitely him. I saw the dialysis.' That right there is an indicator that you didn't find him, you're lying, because there is no dialysis."

He said that intelligence officials and their sources are constantly playing a cat-and-mouse game, revealing only what they have to.

"It's a back-and-forth, and not a lot of truth being told."

Watch the video above to see O'Neill discuss where the U.S. stands in the war on terror five years after bin Laden's death.

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