LOOK: This NY Firefighter Rescuing 4 Tiny Kittens Is Everything

Dramatic Police Dash Cam Video Captures Officer's ... Marriage Proposal

Three Illinois firefighters are spreading cheer online after saving some feathered friends in a heartwarming rescue caught on camera.

The liberation took place in Lake Zurich last week, when as many as seven adorable ducklings were found inside a storm sewer.

To get them out, the firefighters literally had to put their heads together…



Thankfully, it all paid off.



The ducklings were freed and taken to a nearby rescue, according to the department.



The officers who got them out have been identified as Jeff Wascow, Jeremy Holden and Doug Erb.

Dozens of users wrote in to the department’s Facebook page to hail the guys heroes, and even suggest them as new station mascots!

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