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The latest target in the fight against "racism" at the University of Missouri is the campus sushi restaurant.

Early in the fall semester, a student wrote an email to the chancellor titled "Racism at Mizzou," complaining about the logo for Sunshine Sushi, a restaurant in the university student center.

The student said that the logo resembled the Imperial Japanese flag used during World War II, claiming that it has the same meaning has a Nazi swastika, especially to Koreans and Chinese.

Following the complaint, administrators met with students from several Asian organizations and the restaurant owners.

Sunshine Sushi owner Oo Min Aung agreed to change the logo if students designed a "less offensive" one that still incorporated the idea of sunshine.

Noor Azizan-Gardner, the chief diversity officer at Mizzou, praised the response of Sunshine Sushi’s owners in an email:

"I think that this is an excellent example of empowering folks to make the right decisions at the local level. We need to make sure that this is tied to our performance appraisal and compensation process. Empowerment and accountability without this piece typically doesn’t lead to continuous positive change."

Watch the "Fox and Friends" report above.

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