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Disturbing video has emerged of children shouting the f-word at Donald Trump supporters as they made their way to an Indiana rally this weekend.

Bernie Sanders supporter Nomiki Konst and Trump supporter David Wohl faced off on The Kelly File to react.

“There’s only one person running for president that has that type of rhetoric, and it is that man, right there to the right of the screen, who is Donald Trump. And he has said much worse on a public stage nationally,” said Konst.

“Take responsibility for your candidate, David.”

Konst added that the protesters shown “are angry people,” who are “not indicative of the entire movement.”

Wohl pushed back, describing a Trump rally in California where similar chaos had broken out.

“The reality is, any parent who’s thinking about exploiting or endangering their child for political gain as those parents were, think again,” he said. “It’s a felony … It’s a disastrously bad idea.”

Wohl added that “the parents of these children are presumptively Hillary Clinton voters.”

“Until she comes out and condemns this, condemns it completely and unequivocally, then she’s going to own this type of behavior, and she’s going to pay for it down the road. And it’s going to be a cruel, cruel summer for Hillary until she really comes out and lets people know this is unacceptable.”

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