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Do President Obama and Donald Trump have anything in common?

Charles Krauthammer examined the question tonight on The O’Reilly Factor, noting that both men have remarkable self-marketing skills.

“But that’s not what gets you the presidency,” he added. “It has to be that you’re the right man for the moment, and that you sort of get what’s in the air.”

Obama’s political rise came as “the country was looking for change after eight years, war-weary, had the financial crisis,” Krauthammer noted.

Not dissimilarly, Trump “also understood the moment,” said the syndicated columnist, assessing the GOP front-runner’s take on this election’s “anti-establishment furor” and “resentment.”

“He played it to the hilt,” said Krauthammer.

“I think one of the reasons that [Ted] Cruz seems to be falling apart in Indiana, is because he’s been labeled. He ran as the insurgent.”

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