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Talk about awkward!

It appears Steve Harvey isn't the only one who has committed a major beauty pageant blunder.

Over the weekend, an embarrassing gaffe took place during the crowning ceremony at the Miss Rondonia Mundo contest in northwest Brazil, a beauty contest to determine who represents the region in the national event.

Finalists Leticia Cappatto and Karliany Barbosa held hands as they awaited the judges decision in front of a packed crowd in the city of Porto Velho.

After a dramatic pause, the crown was placed on Cappatto's head.

Seconds later, however, it was announced there had been a mistake and the winner was actually Barbosa.

Cappatto's smile quickly turned to a scowl and she even initially refused to accept the second-place sash.

"It felt like I was taking part in a scene from a film," Cappatto said afterward. "I just wanted to leave that place. I felt humiliated."

The mix-up was reminiscent of the infamous on-air gaffe Steve Harvey made at the Miss Universe pageant last year, where Miss Colombia was wrongly named as the winner, and had to give her crown up to Miss Philippines.

Watch it above.

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