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Sen. Ted Cruz got into it with a crowd of Donald Trump supporters today in Indiana, with one asking whether he's Canadian.

One man, standing just feet from Cruz and holding a Trump sign, interrupted the candidate's anti-Trump rhetoric repeatedly.

"You'll find out tomorrow. Indiana don't want you," he told Cruz. 

Cruz attempted to respond by saying "America is a better country..." before the man finished his sentence by saying "without you."

The senator pressed on, arguing that Americans should ask themselves one question. 

"Are you Canadian?" one man quickly interjected.

One of the protesters accused Cruz of lying about Trump having called for violence against protesters at his rallies.

Cruz told the man to simply Google the video of Trump telling his supporters to punch protesters in the face and offering to pay legal fees.

The man yelled "lyin' Ted" right in Cruz's face. 

"You are the problem, politician," the man told Cruz, who argued that Trump has hired foreign workers instead of Americans and is deceiving voters. 

"Sir, with all respect, Donald Trump is deceiving you. He is playing you for a chump," said Cruz.

Another man in the background yelled out that if people keep voting for "career politicians" like Cruz, then "America's gonna die."

Watch the testy exchange above.

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