HIGHLIGHTS: Trump Vows to 'Put America First' in Major Foreign Policy Address

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In last night's Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro called out the mainstream media for complaining about Donald Trump's foreign policy vision, which he has summed up as "America First."

"What's wrong with 'America First'?" Pirro said. "To me, 'America First' is a breath of fresh air and exactly what this country needs. Don't these people live here?"

She asked what's wrong with saying that we should do less nation-building.

"Do any of you like sending your children to war in foreign countries to impose our way of life on them, when they don't want our way of life? When they resent it, and want to kill us for it?"

She said it doesn't mean that Trump is isolationist -- he just won't follow in the footsteps of "Hillary Clinton's intervention" in Libya which led to the murders of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

"Stop telling us who to believe, what to believe and what's best for us," Pirro said. "We're voting in record numbers for the man who is the biggest vote-getter in American primary history. Since you screwed it up, can't figure it out, and have made a laughing stock of this great nation, just shut up and go away. We'll take it from here."

Watch the statement above, and tell Judge Jeanine what you think on her Facebook page or Twitter -- #JudgeJeanine.

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