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During a campaign stop in Indiana yesterday, Bill Clinton characterized the controversy surrounding his wife's emails as a "game" cooked up by her political opponents.

"So, everybody is 'all breathless about this,'" Bill Clinton said, throwing his arms up. "Look, this is a game."

The FBI and Republican-led congressional committees are examining emails Hillary Clinton sent while serving as secretary of state. The State Department retroactively identified more than 2,000 emails as "classified," including 22 deemed "Top Secret."

Bill Clinton said his wife has been compliant with requests to turn over the emails, saying "nobody had ever done that before."

According to LawNewz:

What President Clinton neglected to mention was no other secretary of state has had their own private e-mail server with which to conduct State business.  He also failed to mention she deleted over 30,000 emails that she unilaterally determined were “personal.”

The Daily Caller also noted that an analogy made by Clinton about changing speed limits doesn't hold up, because she underwent training and signed an agreement to handle all emails as classified.

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