Cain on Chaotic Anti-Trump Protests: 'These Are Violent Riots, Pure and Simple'

Trump Eludes Protesters to Make Speech: 'Felt Like I Was Crossing the Border'

A Donald Trump supporter who went to check out the GOP frontrunner's speech in California yesterday described an assault at the hands of protesters outside the venue.

The man, whose name wasn't mentioned, told Claudia Cowan that the atmosphere outside the Hyatt Regency hotel in Burlingame was peaceful at first. But then he said he "got cornered at the hotel lobby, and at that point complete chaos broke out."

"I got punched, beat up, eggs thrown at me, I was spit on. My cell phone...took a 200-foot flight. I have it hopefully here on video. ... My hat got taken. I been kicked, beat on my back. Kind of beat up."

Other Trump supporters at the event reported that they were roughed up by the aggressive protesters.

A mortgage broker wearing a red hat bearing the Trump campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” was punched in the head from behind while being jostled by a group of shouting protesters.

“It went gangbusters. They attacked me,” said Chris Conway.

Protesters also knocked down steel barricades and reportedly pelted riot police with eggs as they stood shoulder-to-shoulder to keep demonstrators from the entrance.

On Twitter, Trump accused the troublemakers of being hired "professionals" who should be dealt with by law enforcement.

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