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This week while campaigning in California, Donald Trump was joined on stage by family members of victims killed by illegal immigrants.

One of those people was Jamiel Shaw, whose son was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who was part of a gang in 2008. Shaw is now a Trump supporter.

"We demand Americans first," he said at the podium on Thursday. "We don't care about illegal aliens."

Today, on America's Election HQ, Shaw said he believes Trump is motivated by a genuine belief in protecting people from violence perpetrated by illegal immigrants.

"He wants to bring (America) back how it should be where people can walk around, feel safe. I mean, if my son is walking down the street, gets shot dead, that's a problem for anybody. ... He wants to do it because he would like to live in an America where things like that don't happen."

Shaw said that black communities are some of the worst affected by illegal immigration. He railed against black politicians who've embraced policies protecting illegal immigrants, which he says helps them stay relevant.

"They're thinking about themselves and they're trying to get paid, and they're allowing our families to be collateral damage in the big picture of illegal immigrants. We're not gonna have that. We love our kids, too. We want jobs. We want to walk the street.  We want to go to the pier without being shot."

He added: "We want the 'American Dream.' We're Americans. Why can't we get the 'American Dream' instead of an 'American nightmare'?"

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