Cain: Trump Protesters Have 'Drank the Fool-Aid'

Cruz: Trump Posing as an Outsider Is Among 'Greatest Frauds' in Modern History

Today on Fox and Friends Weekend, Herman Cain reacted to the chaotic protests against Donald Trump in California in advance of a speech the GOP frontrunner gave there yesterday.

"These are violent riots, pure and simple," Cain said. "And they are intended to strike fear into the hearts of Trump supporters and smear his campaign. That's all it is."

Cain noted that some protesters had booked hotel rooms in advance of the event and putting up banners, saying it showed the protest was "well-organized" and "somebody had to pay for it."

He also said the protesters were acting off negative perceptions created by the mainstream media.

But he said it will only embolden Trump's supporters.

"All of the people that have been anti-Trump, they've thrown everything at him to bring him down, except the kitchen sink. Well, this is the kitchen sink and I think it's going to backfire also."

Cain also weighed in on the #NeverTrump movement, calling it "frustrating," and said he was pleased by reports that the Washington establishment might finally be warming to the idea of Trump as the nominee.

"Donald Trump represents the voice of a whole lot of people," he said. "Accept it."

Watch the interview above.

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