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Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) called out the "delicious irony" of the Obama administration accusing Congress of "micromanaging" the battle against ISIS in Syria. 

The charge was made in a Senate hearing Thursday by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, who got into it with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), chairman of the Armed Services Committee. 

McCain argued that the efforts to train Syrian forces to combat ISIS have been an "abysmal failure" to this point and that several hundred million dollars have already been spent. 

Peters said if anyone's guilty of micromanaging in Syria, it's the White House, which is deciding rules of engagement, targeting, intelligence-sharing and "on and on."

He said McCain and other lawmakers simply do not want to waste more money. 

"We spent about $350 million training what amounted to less than a dozen rebels," he said.

Bill Hemmer asked Peters what needs to be done at this point in Syria. 

Peters said Obama will not do anything decisive before he leaves office. 

"We need a president, and I don't care which party, who give the order to our military: 'win.' Who doesn't put social engineering above victory. Who at least identifies our enemies as who they are," said Peters, slamming the "false humanitarianism" of Obama.

He added that Obama is now sending 250 more Special Operations troops, and countless lives could have been saved if Obama would have done that several years ago. 

"The rule of warfare is this: if you're unwilling to pay the butcher's bill up front, if you delay that butcher's bill, it will be vastly higher. So instead of low-thousands dead, we're now approaching a half-million dead."

Watch his full analysis above.

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