Anti-Trump Protesters Storm Hotel Grounds, Tear Down Barriers at Speech Site

Peters: 'We Need a President Who Will Give Military the Order to Win'

After hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Bay Area hotel where Donald Trump was speaking, Herman Cain said the GOP frontrunner would only benefit from the demonstration.

"Those protesters have drank the 'Fool-Aid,'" Cain told Your World. "That's why they are there, talking about 'Stop Hate.' This isn't about hate."

He said that protests would serve to embolden Trump supporters and Republicans and enhance the candidate's appeal.

"They're not going to be scared off. ... It's not going to diminish the appeal of Donald Trump; it's going to enhance the appeal of Donald Trump."

He said that Trump's message isn't about hate, but about "taking a stance on behalf of the American people."

Watch the commentary above.

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