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Florida Gov. Rick Scott said it's time for Republicans to rally around Donald Trump and stop helping Hillary.

"He is clearly going to get the nomination, if you look at last Tuesday and how well he did," Scott said On the Record. "All the anti-Trump movement is doing now is helping Hillary. We need to, in contrast...help Donald Trump win this race. This is important to our country. We need to have somebody that’s going to focus on jobs, jobs, jobs and defending this country."

Scott, who endorsed Trump after he won the Florida primary, said that he thinks the GOP frontrunner would be a "very good president."

"I think he is going to help us get jobs going. We’ve done it in Florida, we’ve added over a million jobs, but we need to do that nationwide."

Scott said that he wouldn't tell Ted Cruz or John Kasich to get out of the race, but he believes the "pure anti-Trump" rhetoric needs to stop, because it only serves to help Clinton.

Watch the interview above.

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