'They Want the System Blown to Hell': How Trump Has Galvanized Americans

Bobby Knight's Answer to WWII Vet Brings Down the House at Trump Town Hall

Iconic basketball coach Bobby Knight told Brian Kilmeade in an exclusive interview that his decision to endorse Donald Trump was not a difficult one.

Knight explained that he believes no presidential candidate in U.S. history has had the background and qualifications that the billionaire businessman would bring to the White House.

"I consider myself to be, more than anything else, an American," Knight said. "And there's nothing that I would rather do in my lifetime than do something to help the United States. And what better than to recommend this man as president?"

With the key Indiana primary just around the corner, the former Indiana University basketball coach said the people of the Hoosier State now have a chance to help push Trump over the top and help him secure the Republican nomination.

He said that's why he's joined Trump on the campaign trail during this crucial part of the nomination process.

As for Ted Cruz's much-maligned "basketball ring" gaffe, Knight said he's never heard anyone use that expression before, particularly in the basketball-crazy state of Indiana.

"A guy that would come into this state and think that we played with rings instead of baskets is not a guy that's very well-prepared to do a hell of a lot," Knight said.

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