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Many people are outraged after a video of a Stockton, California, woman "walking" her dog while driving her car was posted online.

Despite the shocking footage, police said they do not consider this an instance of animal cruelty.

Amanda Brajkovich, who shot the video and posted it to Facebook, disagrees and thinks the dog owner should have been charged.

Brajkovich explained on "Fox and Friends" that she saw the woman pull out of a parking lot with the dog being pulled along by its leash from the driver's side window.

"When I saw that, my first instinct was, 'Oh my gosh. I need to go say something to this lady,'" Brajkovich told Brian Kilmeade.

When she realized the woman actually "walking" the dog, she began recording on her phone and pulled alongside the her car to confront her.

"You don't do that to a dog!" Brajkovich says in the video.

"There was no tension on the leash, but I still did not feel comfortable about it," Brajkovich told Kilmeade.

She added that many people have weighed in after seeing the video, with many calling for a fine or even jail time for the woman.

Brajkovich said that even though the authorities are not taking action, she hopes the viral video makes the woman think twice.

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