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What exactly did Donald Trump mean when he accused Hillary Clinton of playing “the woman card”?

Trump supporter Omarosa Manigault went On the Record tonight to give her take on the recent comments.

Any time Donald Trump “gets aggressive” on any issue, “she says it’s because of her gender, and that’s what he means about the gender card,” she told Greta Van Susteren.

“I’ve seen her battle,” said Manigault, who worked in the Clinton administration.

“And even when Barack Obama was in a race against her, they accused Barack Obama of being sexist and being too aggressive towards her.”

Looking ahead, “you can expect that Donald Trump is going to treat her in the way that she wants to be treated,” Manigault added.

“She wants equality in this race? She’s gonna get equality.”

Manigault, who worked under Trump on his reality show “The Apprentice,” said “it’s difficult for any man to run against a woman in this election.”

“Anything that he says, Donald says, about her policy positions, ethic issues, people are going to scream that he is attacking her because she is a woman,” she explained.

“The good news is that voters could care less about gender.”

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