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Jane Sanders responded to Donald Trump's suggestion that her husband run as an independent due to mistreatment by the Democratic Party. 

In an interview with Neil Cavuto on FBN, Mrs. Sanders said Trump "has a point" about the way both parties pick their nominees.

"It's not democratic. It's not smart," she said, calling for open primaries and same-day registration. 

She said Trump obviously has an "underlying agenda" for those statements and that her husband remains committed to winning the Democratic nomination.

Mrs. Sanders said Hillary Clinton would not be doing nearly as well in the race if all states were holding open primaries. 

"[Bernie] won Rhode Island on Tuesday, the only open primary," she pointed out. 

Mrs. Sanders said that she and her husband do not like the current system, calling the "outsized" role of the superdelegates "an insurance policy for the establishment."

Cavuto noted that the Democratic race remains close in terms of pledged delegates, but the support of superdelegates (520-39) has put Clinton close to clinching the nomination. 

Watch the interview above.

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