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“This season has done something to the right,” says Greg Gutfeld.

The Five co-host sounded off on the 2016 race in his monologue this afternoon, breaking down how the election has managed to conflate “the political with the personal.”

“We’ve heard there’s a civil war in the Republican Party, but there’s nothing civil about it,” said Gutfeld.

“You’re either pro-Trump, or ‘never Trump,’ inside or out, elitist or crazy. So how did we get here? How do we get out?”

Gutfeld explained that “the current conflict derived from defining by difference – when you say you’re against something, instead of what you’re for.”

“We need to change it back,” he declared.

“To a cheerful aloofness, like a pal who marries someone you can’t stand. You learn to live with whatever they love about him or her. You could forever question their intent, but ultimately you let them live with the choices they make, even if you must live with them too.”

Do you agree with Greg Gutfeld? Watch his full monologue and The Five discussion above, and weigh in.

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