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How's this for an unwanted house guest?

An alligator was found squatting at a new home under construction in Louisiana. 

"And all of the sudden I saw something wave at me, and it was the alligator's tail," said David Bradford, who first spotted the huge reptile at the Sterlington home.

"I got a little bit closer and said, 'What in the devil is that?' I got a little bit closer and it was a big alligator."

He then called in a professional, Jeromy Pruitt, who with help from his father was able to force the gator out. 

But the gator wasn't going quietly. 

"He was hissing at me a little bit. He was pretty upset because I was fixing to take him out of his house," Pruitt said.

Both men said they've never seen an alligator that big show up inside a house.

Pruitt, who blamed the unwanted entry on mating season, tied up the gator and returned him to the wild.

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