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Texas TV journalist Alexis Bloomer posted a powerful rant calling out her fellow millennials, and it's been viewed on Facebook more than 41 million times!

Bloomer explained on "Fox and Friends" this morning that she was fed up with members of Generation Y displaying a lack of manners and respect for their elders.

She told Ainsley Earhardt that the final straw was when she saw two young boys run past a limping elderly man at the post office without helping.

She said she decided to share her feelings on Facebook and was surprised that the video has been so popular, since she was just calling for things like thoughtfulness and common decency, which should be expected of people.

"It was more of a call to action than a rant," Bloomer said. "It was telling all of us that we should step up and prove people wrong and be the better generation, and not go out with such a bad reputation."

She explained that millennials can lead by example, practicing kindness and respect.

"It costs nothing to be kind and just have common respect and decency, so I'm just going to use that in my everyday life, and hopefully someone else will follow suit."

Watch Bloomer's viral video below and let us know: Does she have a point?

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