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Legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight explained tonight why he’s supporting Donald Trump.

In a special On the Record town hall held in Indianapolis, the University of Indiana’s former basketball coach explained that he's typically not affiliated with any particular party.

But Trump managed to get his attention, he said. He called up the GOP front-runner to lend his support.

“I’ve always voted for the person that I thought was the best for the job,” Knight told Greta Van Susteren.

“And there’s no question in my mind that the man standing between the two of us is far and away the best person to lead America back where we all want to be led. And that’s the guy to do it, right here.”

Trump, calling the coach “an unbelievable leader,” described how he called Knight before venturing out to his home state.

“I said, ‘Coach, it’s Trump. Do you still wanna endorse me?’ He’s like, ‘Absolutely, I’ve been waiting for your call,’” Trump said.

“We all love Indiana, but who’s more Mr. Indiana, who’s done more for Indiana? I mean, look at all the championships.”

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