Here's Trump's 4-Second Response to Cruz Picking Fiorina as VP

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Ted Cruz has announced Carly Fiorina as his pick for vice president.

The Texas senator made the announcement in Indianapolis this afternoon, lauding Fiorina’s accomplishments as “an extraordinary leader” who “climbed the corporate ladder to become the CEO of the largest technology company in the world.”

“After a great deal of time and thought, after a great deal of consideration and prayer, I have come to the conclusion that if I am nominated to be President of the United States that I will run on a ticket with my vice presidential nominee Carly Fiorina,” Cruz said.

He noted Fiorina’s professional beginnings as a secretary, saying that “over and again, Carly has shattered glass ceilings.”

“A graduate of Stanford and MIT, Carly is brilliant and capable, and yet she experienced the hard-scrabble world of being a woman professional. In a business world, that extracts a price,” said Cruz.

GOP rival Donald Trump took to Twitter to react to the news shortly after, sharing a clip of a previous interview with Fiorina where she criticized the Texas senator.

Trump also released the following statement:

“After massive defeats in Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut and Maryland, (in addition to twenty other contests) and given the fact that Senator Cruz has millions of votes less than me and is being clobbered on the delegate front, this is a pure waste of time.

It reminds me very much of the already failed Kasich collusion­ a desperate attempt to save a failing campaign by an all talk, no action politician.

The people of Indiana are very smart they will see through this just like they saw through the already failed Kasich alliance. Cruz has no path to victory he is only trying to stay relevant.” ­

Watch more above, and tune in tonight to hear more from Trump in a special On the Record town hall, followed by Carly Fiorina on The Kelly File! Get all the details, here.

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