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A New Jersey man was left in critical condition in an attack that was described to police as another "knockout game" incident. 

According to, witnesses told Jersey City police they observed the group of teens near a corner market before a man was punched in the face outside.

The victim's son-in-law watched the group of teens flee and reportedly helped police track down the man suspected of throwing the first punch. 

Gerald Rosario, 19, was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury and endangering an injured victim.

Only Rosario has been charged so far, but several other teens were said to have thrown punches as well.

The victim, Anthony Jackson, is now in a coma, according to family members who spoke to News 12.

A cousin said that Jackson, who previously suffered a brain aneurysm, often sits outside his home near the market. He also said he fears the attack may have been a gang initiation and that more assaults will occur.

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