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Former UN Ambassador John Bolton and former White House National Security Council staff member Gillian Turner appeared on "Happening Now" today to react to Donald Trump's major foreign policy speech.

Bolton said that Trump's address was strong and impressive, and the GOP frontrunner was on target with his criticism of the many foreign policy failings of the Obama administration.

Turner agreed that this was Trump's best speech on national defense throughout the whole campaign, but she wishes he had made these statements months ago.

She pointed out that the speech was extremely substantive, which should help Trump engender good will with the Republican Party establishment.

Bolton listed some examples of specific national security goals that Trump could feasibly accomplish as president, such as restarting the National Missile Defense System and repudiating the Iran nuclear agreement.

Turner added that Trump's remarks about "reinvigorating Western values and institutions" is something that both everyday Americans and the GOP establishment needed to hear.

Get more insight from Bolton and Turner above.

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