Gutfeld: 'Could It Be That Lena Dunham Is the Real Bigot?'

A Woman's Anti-Millennial Rant Has Been Watched Over 40 MILLION Times

An event meant to discuss political correctness at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst quickly descended into a cringe-worthy mess as a student threw a temper tantrum in the audience.

Video posted online shows the young woman calling the speaker a “rape apologist” while pounding her fists and yelling profanities.

“Hate speech is not welcomed here!” she screamed. “Keep your hate speech out of this campus!”

Greg Gutfeld weighed in on The Five this afternoon, calling the student “a victim of a cult-like indoctrination by the new campus religion of safe spaces … as we excuse reason from the table of discourse.”

The Five co-host also called out an editor from British newspaper “The Guardian” for claiming that correcting grammar is now considered to be racist.

“It doesn’t take much to see the power imbalance when it comes to grammar snobbery,” the editor says.

“The people pointing out the mistakes are more likely to be older, wealthier, whiter or just plain academic than the people that they treat in condescension.”

Gutfeld said the editor is “guilty of activist privilege – an arrogance that allows you to decide who can or can’t handle ‘standards’ or objective truth.”

“The campus, once an exchange of ideas, is now a daycare center for outraged merchants gurgling vitriol donning full diapers of non-thinking hate,” he said.

“Making them excellent candidates for positions at ‘The Guardian.’”

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