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Tucker Carlson said on America's Newsroom this morning that the GOP cannot ignore the will of their voters after Donald Trump won resounding victories in five Eastern primaries Tuesday.

Carlson said just like any other primary, Indiana is important next week, but it's "insane" to think it's a make-or-break state for Trump. 

"He is on track to receive more votes than any Republican nominee ever. He's already surpassed Mitt Romney's number in 2012. It doesn't mean he's a great guy or that he'll be a great president. It does mean that he is the choice of Republican voters and give them the finger at your peril," said Carlson. 

He added that the party needs to "pay attention" to what its voters are saying, not the opinions of "donors and think tank intellectuals"

Carlson noted that Trump's message about bringing jobs back to America is what has driven his campaign to this point.

"The core of his campaign is his economic message. 'I'm gonna bring jobs back.' And it's baffling to me why the Republican establishment in Washington doesn't understand that," he said. 

Martha MacCallum said that voters on Tuesday clearly expressed their angst about the economic direction of the country. 

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