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Looks like our old friend Goliath isn't the only cow who thinks they're a dog!

Beryl the Brahman, who lives with ranch owners Sally and Jake Webster in North Queensland, Australia, has become a social media sensation, thanks to a Facebook page that follows her adorable antics.

Sally told Yahoo that they took Beryl in when she was just two days old after her mother passed away after giving birth.

Growing up around two dogs, Beryl, who is now eight months old, quickly proved that she wasn't your typical cow.

She loves enjoying belly rubs, spending time with her human and canine family members, and she will even sneak indoors anytime she's given the opportunity!

Hilarious photos of Beryl making herself at home on the living room carpet show that she definitely thinks she's an inside cow - or dog.

"She is part of the family and fit in straight away. She did anything and everything out of the ordinary." Sally told Yahoo. "I don't think she knows she's a cow."

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