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Rutgers University has drawn outrage over the past week by displaying an art piece that depicted Jesus Christ crucified on a dartboard.

The artwork, called "Vitruvian Man," hung in the New Jersey school's Art Library before officials decided to take it down.

The name of the artist was not given.

Todd Starnes, who reported on the story for, joined Stuart Varney this morning on Fox Business Network to react.

Varney asked what the response would be if Prophet Muhammad was depicted in such a manner.

Starnes said he believes the fear of a violent backlash is one reason why Jesus, not Muhammad, was the one that ended up in the art piece.

The picture of the piece began to go viral after an alum, Natalie Caruso, posted about it on Facebook.

"It is surprising that a state university would allow this," Caruso wrote on April 20. "I asked them to take it down because I found it disrespectful and they refused. How is this acceptable?"

Starnes said these types of creations are nothing new, pointing back to the 1987 "Piss Christ" photo, which displayed a crucifix submerged in artist Andres Serrano's urine.

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