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A government watchdog says the State Department is now admitting that it withheld a key Hillary Clinton email about the Benghazi terror strikes.

According to conservative watchdog Judicial Watch, the document was withheld for two years because it showed the former Secretary of State was not using a government account, but a personal server, for State Department business.

Judicial Watch told Fox News that knowing about Clinton's personal account earlier might have preserved the Democratic frontrunner's records.

"If we had known about the Clinton email system back in 2014, you can bet we would have tried to stop Mrs. Clinton from deleting any of her emails," said Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch. "But because we didn't know about it -- because the State Department hid it from us -- Mrs. Clinton was able to go through and potentially delete half of the emails."

It's believed 30,000 emails deemed personal by Clinton's team were deleted.

The State Department today dismissed allegations that there was an intent to prevent the discovery of Clinton's email server.

Watch the full report from chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge above.

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