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The Underdahl family had been waiting a long time to wrap a newborn in a pink blanket – 101 years, to be exact.

And on April 12, the Idaho family was able to do just that, welcoming their first baby girl into the family since 1914.

The birth of Aurelia Marie Ann marked the end of a long streak of boys being born into the family, her parents told reporters.

After having seven boys over the course of four generations, Aurelia’s dad Scott said that the entire family was not-so-secretly “hoping for a girl.”

Aurelia’s mom Ashton says that the couple “had prepared for boys” when she first got pregnant.

“It was shocking when we found it was a girl,” she said, according to The Daily Mail.

“Maybe it took more than 100 years to create perfection,” said Aurelia’s proud new grandfather, Conrad Underdahl. “We've been spoiling her a bit because it's just different finally holding a baby girl.”

Before Aurelia, the last girl to be born into the Underdahl clan was Scott’s great aunt Bernice.

“She'll just be our little princess, our cream of the crop,” said Ashton.

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