RESULTS: Trump Completes Sweep of 5 States; Clinton Wins All but RI

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Donald Trump told a crowd of supporters, after sweeping five states in tonight's East Coast primary, that he considers himself "the presumptive nominee."

Trump spoke at his Trump Tower headquarters in New York, with ex-candidate and now-supporter New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie standing behind him.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s over,” the GOP frontrunner said, adding that he has no plans to change.

"You know, if you have a football team and you're winning and then you get to the Super Bowl, you don't change your quarterback, right? So, I'm not changing."

Trump said his campaign "will beat Hillary so easily,” nicknaming the Democratic frontrunner “crooked Hillary” and declaring “the only card she has is the woman’s card.”

He continued to taunt his GOP rivals, blasting their alleged “collusion” and asking of Kasich: “Why is he here?”

With victories tonight in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island, Trump will win at least 82 of the 118 delegates. And he still has a chance to win more.

In Pennsylvania, Trump collected 17 delegates for winning the state. An additional 54 are elected directly by voters - three in each congressional district. However, their names are listed on the ballot with no information about which presidential candidate they support.

Watch Trump's speech above.

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