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Ben Carson said on Outnumbered today that the head-to-head polls showing Hillary Clinton far ahead of Donald Trump are "a bunch of garbage."

Many in the Republican Party have argued that nominating Trump would lead to sure defeat in November against Clinton. 

But Carson, who has endorsed Trump, downplayed the accuracy of such polls.

"They could get whatever answer they want by asking who they want and asking the question a certain way, and they try to manipulate people with all of these polls," said Carson. 

Julie Roginsky pushed back on Carson, saying that a number of different "statistical" polls are showing the same thing.

"Every single poll is not skewed, Doctor," she said.

Carson argued that the excitement and huge crowds at Trump's rallies give him confidence that the billionaire can defeat the former First Lady.

The RealClearPolitics average of the most recent polls finds Clinton ahead of Trump by 8.5 points.

Trump touted a new poll yesterday from George Washington University that showed Clinton ahead of him by just three points.

Trump has said repeatedly that he'll defeat Clinton in a general election, arguing that "I haven't even started on her yet."

Watch the full discussion above as Carson and the hosts also dissected Clinton's claim that Trump is out of touch with ordinary Americans. 

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