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Donald Trump spoke this afternoon at a rally in Warwick, Rhode Island, drawing a big round of applause by defending Tom Brady. 

Earlier today, an appeals court reinstated the NFL's four-game suspension of the Patriots quarterback in connection with the "Deflategate" scandal. 

"Let's start by saying: leave Tom Brady alone. He's a great guy. It's enough!" he said ahead of the state's primary tomorrow.

Brady was seen last fall with a "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" hat in his locker. When asked about it, he characterized Trump as an old friend, not saying whether he would support his candidacy.

Trump was interrupted a few times by protesters in the clip above, calling them "professional agitators" who are paid to show up and disrupt his events. 

"Get him out, get him out of here," Trump told security guards after the first interruption, telling them to "be very gentle."

Trump said that in New York last week, some of the protesters didn't even know why they were protesting outside his events.

"They [asked] another one: what do you think of Donald Trump? [She said]  'I love him'. And she's holding a sign [saying] 'Trump equals hate.' I don't equal hate, I equal love," he told the crowd.  

Watch the comments above.

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