Trump: Cruz and Kasich Teamed Up 'Because They're Getting Beaten Badly'

O'Reilly: If Trump Is Denied Nomination, 'All Hell Will Break Loose'

Tonight on "Hannity," Ted Cruz was asked about the "alliance" he formed with John Kasich to deny Donald Trump delegates. 

The candidates have coordinated to give Cruz a clear run in Indiana on May 3, and Kasich a clear path in Oregon on May 17, and New Mexico on June 7.

Cruz said:

"Governor Kasich made the decision to pull out of the state of Indiana and to focus his time and energy in other states. And we made the decision to go all in in Indiana. I am here now. I'm in Greenwood, Indiana, right now. We're barn-storming the state. We're on a bus tour. I'm here with my two little girls. And we are traveling the state, working to earn the votes of the men and women in this state. I think Indiana's going to be a critical state, it's really going to be at the crossroads of these primaries. They vote a week from tomorrow, and I'm very encouraged by the support we're seeing here on the ground in Indiana."

Cruz said that no one will be able to get 1,237 delegates before the convention, so "it's going to be a battle to see who can earn a majority of delegates elected by the people."

"And I think in that battle we will have a tremendous advantage."

Watch part one of the interview above and part two below.

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