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A new study on Bernie Sanders’ “free college” promise shows that the Democratic candidate’s plan would actually benefit rich families the most.

Fox Business’ Stuart Varney joined the curvy couch this morning to break down what he called “a convoluted mess.”

“Turns out, if you do the math on this ‘free college tuition,’ it works out that the upper half of income-earners get $17 billion worth of benefit out of it overall,” he said.

Meanwhile, “the lower half of income-earners get $13 billion worth of benefit.”



A note to naysayers: “this is not conservative, free-market math,” said Varney. “This is from the Brookings Institution, which is a leftist organization.”

The FBN host said that Sanders’ “advantage for middle class people” will actually get “clawed back” with taxes.

“He’s buying votes with taxpayer money, that’s what he’s doing. And he’s not telling the whole truth about how it actually works out,” said Varney.

 “So you give with one hand, and you take it back with the other, and you end up with a rotten mess.”

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