This news just broke on Happening Now and it could have big implications for the 2016 NFL season.

A U.S. appeals court has ruled in favor of the NFL in the "Deflategate" case and reinstated a four-game suspension for Tom Brady.

The NFL imposed the suspension last year over deflated footballs used in a 2015 NFL playoff game by the Patriots quarterback. 

Brady and the NFL players' union filed a lawsuit opposing the ban and a federal court ruled in his favor.

"We hold that the Commissioner properly exercised his broad discretion under the collective bargaining agreement and that his procedural rulings were properly grounded in that agreement and did not deprive Brady of fundamental fairness," the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today.

He played the entire 2015 season, leading the team to the AFC title game.

The team's first four games next season are against the Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans and Buffalo Bills.

Fox News contributor and longtime sports broadcaster Jim Gray reacted this afternoon, arguing that the whole thing is "ludicrous."

Gray said the "minor equipment" infraction by the Patriots should have been penalized with a fine and the league should have moved on long ago.

He said he does not believe Brady was personally involved with deflating the footballs.

Watch the segment above and let us know your thoughts on the Deflategate case.

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