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One Florida congressman is looking to wake up politicians and the public with a new piece of legislation.

Each week, Republican Rep. David Jolly says that Congress members have to spend about 30 hours on the phone to raise $18,000 a day.

As a first-time candidate, “I had no idea the demands on the time of a sitting member,” he said on Fox Business’ Varney & Co.

Jolly says his new bill, the Stop Act, would ban this direct solicitation of contributions and stop “cheating the taxpayers.”

“It is the only thing Republicans and Democrats agree on in Congress – that fundraising is the main business and the first priority,” Jolly added.

“We all know about the amount of money in politics. This is about the amount of time it takes to raise that money,” he told Stuart Varney.

“And the fact that you have a part-time Congress in a full-time world, spending all their days shaking down the American people for money and not doing the job they ran for.”

What do you think of the new bill? Watch the full interview above and weigh in.

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