O'Reilly: If Trump Is Denied Nomination, 'All Hell Will Break Loose'

WATCH: Megyn Kelly Announces Special Interview With Donald Trump

Tonight on "Hannity," Donald Trump reacted to news that John Kasich and Ted Cruz formed an alliance to deny him delegates.

Trump said the candidates were committing "collusion...because they're getting beaten badly."

"Cruz is getting absolutely killed," the GOP frontrunner said. "He was to reduced to nothing, as you know, last week in New York. He got almost no votes. I mean, the guy had practically nothing, he had no delegates, no nothing. And Kasich is doing terribly. Kasich is 1 for 42, and if I would have campaigned two more days in Ohio, I would have won. But Kasich is doing terribly."

The GOP frontrunner also said that their goal -- a contested convention -- would be unfair to millions of voters.

"People are coming into the party and they're voting," he said. "Those millions of people are not going to be happy, I can tell you that. These are unbelievably dedicated people, they want to make America great again, they're not going to be happy, Sean. It's going to be disastrous, I think."

Watch part one of the interview above, and part two, in which Eric Trump joins the conversation, below.

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